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Zogoflex Air Wox

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PLAYING. Wox™ is made for Tugging, tossing and shaking


  • Three wobbly legs for interactive tug-o-war
  • Great bonding toy or self play
  • Squishy, bouncy and puncture-resistant


  • L - 10 cm tall, 17,5 cm wide


Wox™ is the last toy from Zogoflex Air collection. It is the perfect tug-and-fetch toy for dogs. With three handles, dogs love to squish Wox in their teeth, flip Wox up in the air and tug on Wox.


The erratic bounce and the surprising shake make this mentally stimulating dog toy perfect for solo play or epic three-way tug-o-war games. Wox has a fascinating and unpredictable wiggly bounce and is safe and fun.


Like all of our Zogoflex® and Zogoflex Air® dog toys, Wox is recyclable, made in the USA, floatable, guaranteed against dog damage, BPA and phthalate-free, Latex free, FDA compliant, non-toxic and dishwasher safe.


Perfect Dog Toy for Dogs Who Love Water


Thanks to its lightweight, air-injected center, Zogoflex Air floats higher so it's easier for swimming dogs to spot!




Durability Rating


Ranking = 3; Perfect strength for medium chewers. These toys have been designed for interactive and supervised play.


Play All Day


These active dog toys were designed to hold up to hours and hours of play for years and years. If your dog damages this toy, we even offer a one-time free replacement or refund. They are that tough!




Introducing the Wox® Dog Toy


Have fun fetching and tugging with Wox - on land or in water. Wox is sure to bring a wag to your dog's tail and a smile to your face.


Air Technology gives Zogoflex Air a Durable Squish


An air-injected center means Zogoflex Air floats higher and gets flung further all while providing a satisfying (and durable!) squish.




100% all Zogoflex and Zogoflex Air toys are recyclable


Send us back your Zogoflex and Zogoflex Air toys for recycling through our infinite recycling program, Join the Loop.


Easy to Clean: Dishwasher Safe


It’s easy to sanitize Zogoflex Air at home—just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

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