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Maelson Doggie Pad™
Maelson Doggie Pad™
Maelson Doggie Pad™
Maelson Doggie Pad™
Maelson Doggie Pad™
Maelson Doggie Pad™

Maelson Doggie Pad™

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10 pcs60 x 60 cm4,99 €ADD TO CART
10 pcs60 x 90 cm7,99 €ADD TO CART



Quick dry training pad




DP 60

DP 90

  • Multi-layer construction with super active polymer absorbent, soaks an unequalled 200 times its volume in liquid
  • Special natural pheromones attract the dog to the pad
  • Pheromones used are a blend of herbal plant extracts, flowers and essential oils
  • Natural grass scent trains puppies to eventually “go” outdoors
  • Leak-proof edges halt liquid from inadvertently spilling out
  • Waterproof base layer prevents moisture from seeping through to the floor or carpet
  • Scratch and tear resistant non-woven surface material


10 or 30 pcs.




dry box foam lid – detail

DB 7 I DB 15 I DB 20


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